‘100 percent commission real estate in ‘Tampa’, Florida is a unique and excellent plan designed in keeping view of the obstacles faced by real estate agents in Tampa. Real Estate Agents no longer having to split their commission with their Brokers is an emerging topic.

What is the 100 Percent Commission Real Estate Plan?

In a 100 percent commission real estate plan, real estate agents are the major and only stakeholders. We, at Star Bay Realty provide our agents a good environment for research, education and other marketing tools. With an exclusive and all-inclusive training provided to handle the needs of real estate in Tampa, real estate agents have learned, and improved their techniques to help them achieve the results they have received today.

The 100 percent commission plan includes the use of the office space, learning new-age marketing techniques and 100 percent broker support, all offered by Star Bay Realty.  The 100 percent commission real estate plan, in Tampa is designed to ensure that agents get 100% of the benefits out of any sale, without having to worry about the split.

What do we require from our agents?

As a provider of education, space and essential tools to help you become a winner in this industry, we charge 1 minimalist fee per month and 1 fee per transaction to support your requirements. With this, you will get to access some of our state-of-art offices and exclusive tools to help you succeed in the real estate industry.

Be a LEADER in your field rather than a follower! Come and achieve your life’s dream with our 100 percent commission real estate, in Tampa plan! Contact us to find out all details about the 100 percent commission real Estate, in Tampa plan!!