Our new on-line platform provides all the tools and knowledge you need as a Realtor.
With Zero monthly fees and only $250 per transaction we provide the rest allowing you to keep 100% of your commissions.

Independent Contractor Agreement Updated

Join the LEADER rather than working under a BOSS!

As a Brokerage, Star Bay Realty believes in giving 100% opportunity to our agents. Our 100 percent commission model works at providing an equal chance in sharing the benefits between the Brokerage and the real estate agents. We aim at providing real estate agents in Florida with the best possible opportunities in hand.

Enjoy 100 percent commission without losing a quality Brokerage firm!

Yes, you can have your cake and eat it too! $250.00 per transaction may be cheap, but our business model is far from cheap. By joining our team, you still get the same quality Brokerage that you would anywhere else. We create a win-win situation with several added conveniences of training, use of high-powered technological tools and value-added services in Florida.

What is the Catch?

There is no catch! We, at Star Bay Realty, believe in creating an advantageous and conducive environment to work towards your ultimate goal…. To be successful! To achieve all this and much more, we charge a low monthly. With that fee in hand, you get to be the Leader of your business, working from home or from any of the office spaces provided by Star Bay Realty, to build on your dreams. The Real Estate Company with 100 percent commission is an added advantage.

Dreams do not come for free!

We believe in working hard to achieving our goals and create role models rather than followers. Our training programs are aimed at making individuals work in an organized fashion, and to be aware of the changes in the market before it hits upon them. Our training modules and the tools are all state-of-art, and our offices offer a suitable environment for our agents to grow leaps and bounds.

Achieve the dream of 100 percent commissions in your real estate company!