Star Bay Realty has 1 Commission Plans available:

Only $250 per transaction. No monthly fee

*Option is regardless of the type of transaction (Residential , Rental, Commercial etc).
There are no other hidden fees or annual cap. (There is a one time $250.00 initiation fee for the transaction only option).
Your Errors and Omission Insurance is included. 

Star Bay Realty is associated with Greater Tampa Association of Realtors. This covers Hillsborough County, Pinellas County, 
Sarasota County and Manatee County

Tampa’s Most Recognizable 100 Percent Commission Brokerage

It’s a well-established fact that real estate agents cannot operate without being under a brokerage’s
umbrella in Florida. This restriction requires real estate agents to sign up with a brokerage. Any real
estate agent knows how challenging closing a deal can be. Do you want to give up a considerable chunk
of your hard-earned commission to a brokerage? The answer is no. That’s where we come into the mix.
Star Bay Realty is a 100 percent commission brokerage, meaning we let you keep all your commission.
We also provide you with an excellent work environment for research and education and have a slew of
marketing tools to help you find prospects and close deals.