You should reap the benefits of your own hard work. Why let someone take away a huge chunk of your earnings in the name of your commission?

We, at Star Bay Realty, believe in making it possible for our real estate agents to get 100% of what they earn. Our 100 percent commission plan is designed to make it possible for our agents to get back the benefits of their endeavor without having to shell out a single percentage.

With our 100 percent commission plan,  real estate agents are currently making a profitable business out of every transaction. Just check out our testimonial page! In real estate, time is money. To make it possible for our agents to achieve targets, we offer a comprehensive, all-inclusive 100 percent commission plan with added advantages of enriching training modules and offer of our virtual office and physical office.

Our real estate broker 100 percent commission plan is modeled to ensure that agents attain the whole 100% income without putting in more effort than necessary. By taking care of the office space, and other utility bills, our real estate agents can hold the entire benefits of a sale without worrying about splitting the profits.

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