Why Join Star Bay Realty?

  • 100% Commission. You should benefit the most from your own hard work! Why give the majority of your commission to someone else when it can go in YOUR own pocket? Star Bay Realty = More $$ in your pocket.
  • Simple. Star Bay Realty offers 100% commission with a low cost of, $250 per transcation and NO monthly fee  . That's it. Regardless of the type of property or the purchase price.
  • No Commitment!
  • Experience and Knowledge: Star Bay Realty has a diverse background in real estate: including commercial, residential, rental and vacant land.
  • Tools, Education & Marketing -- Your Success is our principal driver!
  • Promptness. In real estate time is crucial. We work hard and fast for the success of our agents.
  • Reliable
  • Independence.  No mandatory floor time or micro management. You choose how to manage your time according  your own priorities and needs. 
  •  Open 5 days a week 
  • Contact us today to find out more!

Want to get a big chunk out of that pie? You can take it home as a whole, with our 100 % commission model.

We, at Star Bay Realty, believe in equal opportunity for everyone. We are a 100 percent commission real estate firm working towards making it possible for agents to take back 100 percent commission for their hard work. We have seen agents struggling with real exposure to get deals to close, while losing much of their commission due to their split. Our 100 percent commission brokerage model offers real estate agents with additional use of utilities and several other advantages.

We offer real estate agents a means of doing business in a completely conducive environment. Our training is aimed at helping agents to achieve their goals with utmost confidence. The use of our facilities and offices to conduct business comes as an added benefit to the real estate firms.

With our 100 percent commission real estate broker model, agents can enjoy working independently and with advanced technological tools. The education and marketing provided by us can also help you achieve optimal success in a limited period of time.

Why Star Bay Realty? Check out the list of benefits and excellent offers to convert you to a leader in the real estate industry! Contact us to experience the 100 percent commission advantage.